Modern Teams Work in the Browser

You and your team use many different tools to get work done. Toby surfaces key resources from every tool onto every new tab page.

Your team’s working memory, all in one place

Centralize your team’s resources by adding them into Toby collections. Organize your collections with any reports, libraries, and documents configured endlessly.

Give your workflow special powers

Context switch on the fly by swapping collections from different projects. Bring clarity into your work by assigning tags to your collections.

Make shared knowledge work for you

Find what you need within seconds using Toby search. Say goodbye to lost sticky notes, long chat threads, and dust-collecting bookmarks.

From “Hired” to “Team member” within hours

Scale onboarding like never before by sharing relevant project collections on day one. Solve the information transfer gap by surfacing content with a snap of a finger.

Seamless team collaboration like it should be

Talk about work, where work happens by using Toby notes. Remove tool apathy, Toby empowers teams to make informed and relevant project decisions.

Amazing things that can be done with Toby


Drag your browser tabs into a collection to bring context into your workflow. Find what you need instantly by using visual search.


Organize your team's resources in collections. Make a collection for a project, a topic, a team, or anything—everyone invited to shared collection can speed dial into the tabs you've curated.


Join a team to access the collective knowledge of your organization. Onboard new employees by inviting them into different project teams.

Bits of Cosmic Love

“I wasn't sure about this Toby chrome extension initially, but these new features are really good. I'm hooked.”

Manik Rathee

UX Designer


Better than Bookmarks

Be happy and download Toby now!

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