Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toby?

Toby is new tab browser extension that lets you manage tabs and create lists on Google Chrome.

Toby is opening on every new tab. Can I turn that off?

Yes. You can turn Toby off by opening the preferences menu (click on Toby logo) and toggle off "Toby opens on every new tab". However, we think having Toby on every new tab will lead to a better experience as you will constantly be reminded of organizing your tabs and improving your productivity.

How do I sync lists across devices using Google Drive?

Due to multiple issues Google Drive sync has now been removed from Toby. Any existing users who are using Google Drive we advise you to create a Toby account to activate automatic sync with Toby. The final removal date of Google Drive Sync is set to January 1, 2017.

Will I lose my tabs when Google Drive sync is discontinued?

Nope! If you opt out of creating a Toby account you can still use Toby locally. The only down-side is that you won't have access to advanced features and the ability to access your tabs/lists on different desktops.

How does Toby sync work?

Toby sync is associated with a Toby account. Once you create an account sync will automatically happen. When you download Toby on another computer just login and your last saved state will appear!

Can I restore my tabs?

Yes, we can only restore your tabs if you are using Toby sync. We save multiple states across different time periods in order to provide an accurate rollback. We got you! Send us a message through our contact form or to

Why does Toby take away focus from my address bar?

We are aware of this issue and working hard to address it (no pun intended).

Which browsers does Toby work on?

Currently, Toby is only available on Google Chrome. We’re getting lots of requests for Safari and Firefox extension support as well. Enter your email here to be kept in the loop on Toby updates!

Can Toby run on my Win10 Tablet (or any other mobile tablets)?

Right now we are focused on developing Toby for desktop Chrome users. Any experiences outside of that scope will have substantial issues. Mobile will be on the to do list for 2017.

How do I add pages to Toby?

There are various ways to add pages to Toby.

  1. On Toby, you may drag pages into lists
  2. You may click on Toby's badge next the the URL bar and add the current tab to a list
  3. You may right click on any page, select Toby and then choose a list

Something is not working right. What should I do?

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed (version 53+) and the latest version of Toby (0.3.7). If the unexpected behaviour persists, make sure you contact us and let us know what's happening. We want to make sure Toby works well for everyone.

How do I submit feature requests?

Send us a message through our contact form or to or tweet us. We'll add your message to our "Feature requests" Toby list and make sure we discuss it, brainstorm it and come up with new amazing solutions for Toby.

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