Jul 31, 2017

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Refer a friend or a coworker and unlock sharing for your Toby.

Share a Toby collection with a link

Let’s face it, since launching Toby last year everyone has been requesting this feature. For months we’ve been working on some amazing ideas but one stood out to us the most. Sharing collections within Toby. Today we’re excited to ship sharing to every Toby user, starting with the ability to create a link to a Toby collection.

Now you can easily send a single Toby link with 5, 10, 100 tabs to your friends and coworkers! Oh yes, this also includes clients you are working with. The only thing you can’t do (for now) is collaborate with the recipient. This means the person who opens a Toby link can only view and use the collection, not contribute to it. More on this below the fold, but first let’s go over the purpose of sharing.

In our last post we talked about how the current way of sharing resources within a company is a huge waste of time. I mean, we still email our team members with a bunch of links (or send it in a chat app).

Do you remember the last time you had to search through email, chat, cloud storage, wikis, and bookmarks to find that document? How about when someone on your team asks you to send them a slide deck from 2 months ago? These are common problems that drive our daily workflow downwards, not to mention make collaboration a huge pain.

We talk more about this in our blog about the improper use of Slack.

Toby Sharing is the newest way for team members to distribute content from any source. That’s it, there’s nothing more to it. It’s simple, and it will make your life so much better.

Let’s run through some use cases so we can get some creative juices flowing.

Sharing links to your next apartment

Qaid and his partner are planning to move to Toronto (beautiful city). Qaid works remotely from the head office in Vancouver, and his partner found a gig in Toronto. They spend their evenings going through listings for apartments in certain areas. They’re also looking for free furniture from a bunch of sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook groups. They use Toby sharing to send each other links to collections so that they can pull the trigger on a sweet rental.

Sharing links with your team

Megan is a product manager, and she is super-organized. She likes to build collections for readings, references, meetings, and research. Her team is pretty big, and she’s constantly being asked for a doc or a slide deck. Communication in a team setting is crucial in order to eliminate or reduce shoulder taps and help clear communication channels. Sharing a link to a collection of resources unblocks their team so they can ship their next release.

Sharing links with your clients

Yasmine runs a small agency and has many clients. One of her biggest strengths is transparency, she ensures that her clients are always in the loop. Before Toby, she was constantly sending documents and files back and forth via email. It made it difficult for clients to reference progress or find v1.3 of the roadmap. Now she creates a collection named after the client and shares it using a Toby link. As she updates her files, her client will have only one link to remember.

sharing feature request

There you have it, 3 use cases for you!

Extra sauce

Keyboard shortcuts


Toby now has some basic keyboard shortcuts. Inside of Toby try [Shift + A] and voila a menu of all of the shortcuts, now you’re on your way to a more productive day. This of course is not all of the keyboard shortcuts we intend on expanding the scope in the near future if there is a lot of usage.

Community board


Ever wonder how we decide which new features to build? We have a community board that gives you the power to pitch new ideas or upvote current ideas. That way we get an idea of what to build next. Contribute to the board here!

Sharing with teams + embedding collections (on its way)


Collections that let you collaborate are still in beta. So far we’ve had companies use this as a way to distribute content even faster. We’ll make an announcement once we release it to the public, but it’ll likely be under the Team’s tier. We’re also working on making embedding easy to do on websites, so that your users can access your favourite links without clicking a link (see what we did there).

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