Nov 1, 2016

Rename Tabs on Toby

The power to rename tabs is yours!

You've been making new requests for Toby - and we're listening. By far one of the biggest feature request (besides sharing tabs) is renaming tabs in Toby.

Now you may be thinking… was it that hard to implement? Well, we wanted to make sure we did it right. With every new feature request we typically spend hours in a room discussing the right user experience. We also want to be sure that everything added into Toby goes through rigorous testing (so that we can avoid almost losing 10,000 users). For this feature specifically we’ve gotten over 50 requests per week from users all around the world. Not only that, it’s currently top 5 on our user request board. So today, we’re extremely proud to be announcing it!

Toby was also featured on BetterCloud’s blog! They're helping us tell the world about the new renaming tabs functionality. They've put together a great post and a very cool video too:

Watch this simple demo of how to rename tabs/cards in Toby, and keep up the feature requests! We can't wait to see what you think of next.

Renaming tabs

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