July 15, 2020

New Feature: Import/Export

Import your data from other applications and backup your collections.

Always wanted to migrate over to Toby but didn’t want to leave your tabs behind? Fear no more. Today we are launching import/export. We want to make it easy for you to transfer your data but also have the freedom to backup your collections whenever you want.

Toby supports three formats for import/export:

  • JSON: Toby custom format to backup all your collections as well as your notes and tags. The ideal solution if you are looking to backup your full account (including notes and tags) or transfer your data from one Toby account to another.
  • HTML: the same format used by most web browsers for their bookmark manager. For example, you can import your bookmarks from Chrome or Firefox into Toby.
  • TXT: a simple list of URLs in a text file. Great to import your data from 3rd party tools that don’t offer HTML export. You can also use the TXT option if you need to export a simple list of links to use in a document.

Remember, only the JSON format will allow you to export your notes and tags.

Import Export

You can find Import/Export in your account settings (top right corner) under the data section. You can also find the Collection Export feature in the sub-menu of each collection.

Import Export

Imported collections will appear in your account under “My Collections”. Depending on the format, imported collections will either have their original name or be simply called “Imported Collection”.

We would love to hear your feedback. Follow us on Twitter or send us an email at hello@gettoby.com.

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