Nov 17, 2016

Labels and Dark theme

Introducing these and other advanced features

Your terrific requests for additions to Toby continue coming in and we’ve been busy rolling out more of them for you.

After recently launching renaming tabs, we’re happy to introduce more of these requested features today, including: list labels, a dark theme, and advanced features!

Toby should be updating automatically soon via Chrome for those of you that have it installed already. In order to access these new features we only ask that you create an account, but yes, they’re free

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Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of your Toby window and click “Login or sign up” to start using these new features.


Sign Up

One of our most requested features in terms of customizing Toby is the ability to add labels to lists. This is super helpful when you’ve got a large number of lists and want to organize them in groups. Each label has a corresponding tab (ironically!) across the top of your Toby window.

The above image is a screenshot from one of our power users who helped us test our new label feature. You can see it was super useful to create a “Shopping” label to organize their shopping lists while on the hunt for a new camera.

By default everyone has “Work” and “Personal” labels; once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to customize those and start adding more.

Dark theme

Dark theme

It turns out lots of people use Toby at night. There have been many requests for a dark theme and we’re happy to say it’s here too! Even if it has nothing to do with night time, some of you may prefer the look and feel of the darker Toby appearance. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Advanced features

Advanced Features

A group of users we like to call our “power users” really push Toby to its limits. To make Toby more efficient for them, and also keep Toby simple for other users, we’ve implemented a new advanced features option.

One of the first advanced features we’re releasing in this update is context switching. When you’ve finished working on a task and you’re ready to start another, find the list for your new task and hit the “Close all, open these” button. With a single click, your current tabs will close and all of your tabs in this list will open instead! This makes context switching between tasks in your browser faster than ever.

Once you’ve created your account, visit the settings screen and hit the toggle to “Enable advanced features”, then you’ll officially become a power user!

Thanks for your continued support

We hope you’ll love these new features as much as we’ve enjoyed building them for you, and we can’t thank you enough for your amazing continued support! Which of these new features do you like best? Let us know via our contact form or on Twitter @TobyForTabs :)

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