Dec 07, 2016

Introducing Toby sync

Access all your tabs across any a 🦄

We are excited to introduce the next step to Toby accounts: starting Thursday, Dec. 8, all users with Toby accounts will be able to synchronize and access their lists and tabs from any desktop Chrome browser, for free.

Syncing with Toby is just the first step to making your digital life even more organized. Stay tuned for more kick-ass announcements over the next few months: Toby will completely change the way we manage tabs and information across multiple computers, other devices, and with other people.

Trust us… the stuff we are building will wow your pants off!

We're excited for the future of Toby, but found we weren't able to accomplish a lot of what we envisioned using Google Drive. Relying on Google Drive limited the new features we want to build, and some users were experiencing syncing issues, which we couldn't solve without dedicated sync support. It’s a total bummer but we know it’s for the better!

As a part of our growth, we'll be discontinuing Google Drive support in favor of Toby sync starting January 1, 2017. Once you turn off Google Drive sync, it won't be available anymore. If you use Toby on multiple computers, please remember to create an account to keep your lists synced! Don’t worry: accounts and Toby sync are completely free so keep your wallets where they belong.

If you prefer but not suggested, you can also continue using Toby locally without an account or syncing. If you already have a Toby account and want to opt out of syncing, just shoot us an email (so sad to see you missing out 😭).

Updates will be released in batches throughout the day on December 8th. If you have any questions, contact us.

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