Mar 31, 2017

Ever tried using Toby Notes??

Grow bigger and brighter ideas by adding notes inside of your collections.

Some small changes

We have changed the names of some of the important elements within Toby. Lists are now called Collections and List Labels are Tags. Helping us transition from being a bookmark manager, the read it later app, or the extension that vacuums your tabs into our vision. Toby wants to be the best team collaboration app on the market.

The tabs you add into Toby aren't simply stored into a collection. Tabs inside of Toby have special powers like context switching, perfect organization, and easy recall. Features that have become the main reason why Toby users love Toby so much! Plus, using the word "lists" gives this mental image of a short compact document vertically aligned. We think this would defeat the purpose of being a visual organizer of your browser tabs.

Toby notes is what you need

toby note

Oh and also... the newest version of Toby comes with Toby notes. I'll tell you a secret, click on a note within your collection and you'll up with a full window of glorious white for your note taking pleasures. Wouldn't it be super meta to have a list inside of a note inside of a list? Yeah, that's why we went for the name change. Add your tabs and notes inside of collections.

You're also able to edit the description of your cards now. You no longer need to worry about having five tabs with the same favicons. You will know exactly what each tab does, bringing more context to your information!

Runs like clockwork

One last thing, we've put in a lot of work in stabilizing Toby sync. It took our team over two months to add these new changes. You will barely notice the difference. However, we can assure you... it's purring like a kitten now. Such greatness!

Update on the beta program!

We've only 7 spots left for teams to sign up for the closed beta in late April. If you're still interested send us a quick email here.

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