Jan 11, 2017

#1 Chrome Extension of 2016

Award from Product Hunt. We also made into the official Best of 2016 List by the Google Chrome Store.

Right off the bat, we want to say from our team (of three) to the whole Toby community: we really appreciate your love and support! 2016 may have been a dumpster fire of a year, but it was a stellar time for us thanks to launching Toby, and we owe it all to productivity buffs just like you who pride themselves on keeping their digital lives seamlessly organized.

As you get to know us better in 2017, you might just learn the story behind the name Toby. But for now, we’ve got some amazing numbers we’d like to share with you.

Over 55k users

In the 4 months since we’ve launched we have over 55,000 users

USA first country

USA is by far the leading country, with the most new users
(6x that of Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, or India)

3.5k emails

3,500+ support emails, 100 ideas requested,
and 1,200+ newsletter subscribers

700k tabs synced

Over 700,000 tabs synced using Toby

Average 25 tabs

Toby users have an average of 25 tabs.
However, one user has over 3,500 tabs (wow!)

Best Extension of the Year

Golden Kitty Award: 1st place as Best Chrome Extension of the Year.
Selected as one of The Best of 2016 on the Google Chrome Store

So go ahead! Pat yourself on the back. You’ve really gotten behind something big, and we’re glad Toby has helped your productivity. Now, it goes without saying that we’ve also had a couple of bumpy rides along the way. You may remember how we almost lost 10,000 users (welp) and the Google Drive sync transition to Toby sync (welp again). Since then we’ve really put a lot of time and energy into stabilizing our database.

What does the future of Toby look like?

We’re going to shape the future of productivity with our vision of collaborative workspaces. Tab management is just the very beginning of an exciting product journey, and we hope you’ll be there with us along the way. As for now, I can only say we’re working hard to figure out what Toby’s next evolution will be. Beyond adding more features, we want to ensure that every new addition is intentional and focused.

That’s it from us! We’d love for you to do 1 of 3 things: follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, or send us an email about your favorite Toby feature!

Happy new year!

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