Nov 1, 2016

Rename Tabs on Toby

The power to rename tabs is yours!

You've been making new requests for Toby - and we're listening. By far one of the biggest feature request (besides sharing tabs) is renaming tabs in Toby.

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Oct 14, 2016

I almost lost 10,000 users

I made a big mistake when deploying new features for Toby

I made a big mistake when deploying new features for Toby, the Chrome extension I've been working on. Here are some of the things I learned in the process and how to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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Sept 27, 2016

Toby is getting new features

The past two weeks have been great, now here's what's coming next.

How do you significantly improve the mental model for dealing with our daily firehose of information? This is something we’ve been asking ourselves for a long time, but sometimes it’s as simple as seeing the problem right in front of you (literally).

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